Fortinet NSE 6.2 Certification

Fortinet has introduced a new six-node system for the home network. With the use of the Fortinet NSE 6.2, security is enhanced in the home network and with the Fortinet Certification, you can assure the maximum protection to your home network. Fortinet has introduced the Network Security Specialist exam, which is a Cisco authorized test which has been created for all the field engineers to show their proficiency on using different types of Fortinet devices. The six nodes in a home network are: Site Server, WAN Interface, Switch Port, WAN Access Point, LAN Server, and firewall within the same LAN. You can pass the Fortinet NSE 6.2 with a score of: 940 marks.

Question No 1:

What are the configuration steps to enable DKIM signing for outbound messages on FortiMail? (Choose three.)

A. Enable DKIM signing for outgoing messages in a matching session profile
B. Publish the public key as a TXT record in a public DNS server
C. Enable DKIM check in a matching session profile
D. Enable DKIM check in a matching antispam profile
E. Generate a public/private key pair in the protected domain configuration

Answer: A B E

Question No 2:

Which three statements about SMTPS and SMTP over TLS are true? (Choose three.)

A. SMTP over TLS connections are entirely encrypted and initiated on port 465
B. SMTPS encrypts the identities of both the sender and receiver
C. The STARTTLS command is used to initiate SMTP over TLS
D. SMTPS encrypts only the body of the email message
E. SMTPS connections are initiated on port 465

Answer: B C E

Question No 3:

An administrator sees that an excessive amount of storage space on a FortiMail device is being used up by quarantine accounts for invalid users. The FortiMail is operating in transparent mode.

Which two FortiMail features can the administrator configure to tackle this issue? (Choose two.)

A. Automatic removal of quarantine accounts
B. Recipient address verification
C. Bounce address tag verification
D. Sender address rate control

Answer: A D