Toughest Monster Truck Tour

The Toughest Monster Truck Event is held annually in early April in Dexter, Michigan. It is called the “Best Dressed Monster Truck Event” by local TV stations and it has some of the finest dressage and roping styles imaginable. The event is also hosted by “The King of the Rodeo” in another town a few hundred miles north. I plan on joining many of the other Tough events this year to get ready for my own Toughest Monster Truck Tour tickets discount coupons.

While many local events include truck games and cool posters, the Toughest Monster Truck Event boasts some of the best dressage and roping action anywhere in the world. The two-class divisions at the event consist of women and men. The women’s division features four women from each country that competes. The four women all started at the same time, which is a big help since I’ve had a hard time keeping track of days and times at other events. They’ve also all won their respective divisions, so they’ve got some pretty good bragging rights.

Women from Brazil

One of the women from Brazil in the women’s division was actually riding a real dump truck full of equipment! Wow! The man who won the event was also riding a dump truck, so there are some pretty tough guys in this competition.

Rodeo style dressage is one of my favorites and these guys have it down to an art. They’re experts at working the horse’s neck and back and winning big in dressage. This is one of the most challenging events in dressage because it requires skill, strength, and endurance. There’s not much difference between the men’s and women’s divisions in this event. The only differentiating factor is that the men’s dressage is tougher.

For the men’s section, one of the longer courses with a lot of obstacles is what they need to prepare for. The women are going to be working on shorter courses that feature fewer obstacles. So, the men’s dressage competition will probably be a fair contest if both are skilled at working the different obstacles. If one rider wins, though, it will be the woman who accomplished the most difficult score.

In the end, I think it boils down to the individual rider. Their effort and skill are what separate them from everyone else. Whoever has the most difficult ride during the competition is the winner. Dressage may not be as glamorous as a competition horse riding, but it is definitely rewarding once you’ve won.